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Title:  Passive seismic methods and how they can be used for mineral exploration

Date: Tuesday February 13th at 4:00 PM EST

SpeakerOmid Bagherpur, Ph.D. Principal Geophysicist, BHP

Location: In Person (University of Toronto, Department of Earth Sciences, Room ES2093 (22 Ursula Franklin Street)) and virtual, please register here

Abstract: Passive seismic imaging methods date back to the 1970s with the introduction of local earthquake tomography method. Since then, many new methods have been developed that exploit various natural source seismic phases to extract 3D velocity structure of the subsurface. Thanks to advancements in passive seismology datasets and methodologies, we now know much more than ever about the Earth interior, from the shallow surface to the core. Although the majority of the seismic tomography techniques are mainly used for studying deep solid earth interior, more recently developed surface wave tomography techniques have proved to be highly effective in imaging the top crustal and uppermost mantle structure at a desirable resolution to be used throughout the mineral exploration industry. Particularly, the ambient seismic noise tomography (ANT) technique can provide detailed images of the velocity structure at scales from continents to deposit scale. In this presentation, we review the history and minimum fundamentals of the passive seismic methods including the ANT method, and then we go through some examples that passive seismic methods have been highly successful across the industry. These examples include several cases where passive seismic methods have significantly improved our current understanding of mineral system frameworks at BHP.

Author Biography: Speaker's Bio: Omid is a Principal Geophysicist at BHP Toronto and has been working with the Metals Exploration team since 2022. He has more than a decade of geophysical experience and has learned and practiced various exploration geophysical methods, including passive structural seismology, throughout his PhD and postdoctoral studies, as well as 2D and 3D modeling and analyses of Magnetotellurics datasets In his M.Sc. studies. Omid also has expertise in potential field geophysics, and direct current resistivity and IP method

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